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Scope of Services

Paradigm's personal Concierge services offer peace of mind, afford assurance, and provide a sense of security for our clients. Through consistent quality of service, extensive relationships, and professional character, our concierge approach each request with genuine stewardship of our clients interests.

That personal concern for our clients' interests is what sets Paradigm apart.

We serve...that is what we do. Our Concierge take inherent pleasure in serving others, providing experiences, sharing knowledge, understanding clients needs and delivering solutions that best meet our clients wants and desires. Sometimes our clients don't know what it is that they want.  Often clients simply need to try us out to see what it is we can do. 

To streamline things a little, we have provided the following Scope of Services.  

Services which Paradigm offers include, but are not limited to:

Personal Assistant

In today’s day and age, our personal lives are becoming as hectic and chaotic as our business lives.  Paradigm offers a wide range of personal services, including, but not limited to: everyday errand services, sitting services, date reminders, wake up calls, restaurant reservations, personal organization services, and, driving directions. 

Executive/Business Needs

You may be an entrepreneur with four businesses in different industries. You may be a chief executive in a large firm, or you may be someone else’s personal assistant…all of us know that good help is hard to find. Paradigm provides services to make your business activities run more smoothly, efficiently, and productively; allowing you to concentrate on conducting business rather than ‘working’. Let Paradigm assist with activities from temporary staffing to client travel arrangements, computer maintenance and repair to clerical and filing services, document printing to notary republic, speech and business coaching to translation services.

Meeting/Event Planning

Whether you need assistance planning a large business convention or a small family reunion, holiday planning or a bar mitzvah, a small board room meeting to a gala event, Paradigm will ensure the details are handled. Allow Paradigm to arrange for services from event design and planning to fashion shows, golf tournaments to wedding consultation, multi-media presentations to photographers, equipment rentals to entertainers.

Conveyance & Transport

Do you absolutely, positively need to it get there overnight? Anything, anywhere, anytime….from courier services to parcel shipment, errand services to moving out of country. Paradigm will ensure that whatever the contents of the box, letter, or shipping crate, it will arrive safe, sound, and secure.

Transportation & Travel

Planning for travel whether it is for business or pleasure, is a process that can be time consuming, frustrating and a hassle. Navigating throughout the internet to find the best deal, creating multiple destination itineraries, waiting on hold for 30 minutes to get an agent….these are the planning nightmares that create stress in travel. 

From standard to exotic, from regional to international, let Paradigm assist in arranging the entire project. From vehicle rentals, limousine transfers to livery services, luxury yacht and private rail car charter to executive rotor/fixed wing needs, from charter service to domestic carrier arrangements, take the stress out of your travel and let Paradigm plan your travel for you.


Everyone likes to have someone else cook for them. Not everyone likes to cook and no one wants to cook for 400 people. Paradigm can assist with finding a private chef for a last minute dinner party or for daily preparations for your home, a caterer for a wedding or a large corporate event, cooking demonstrations to cooking classes. Whether you need a reservation last minute at Charlie Trotters in Chicago, a table for 10 at L'Astrance in Paris, or you wish to meet the Executive Chef at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Tokyo; Paradigm is your maitre d’ on the inside. 

Entertainment & Recreation

No matter who you are, what you do for a living, whether you are retired or a busy entrepreneur, we all need to take time to relax. If your idea of relaxing is base-jumping in Brazil or fly-fishing a remote river in British Columbia…let Paradigm help you relax. Whether catching a Rolling Stones concert at the Vincente Calderon Stadium in Madrid or seeing the opera at the National Theater in Prague let Paradigm entertain you.  If your idea of recreation includes checking out the latest fall collections on Milan’s runways or catching the Super Bowl on the 48 yard-line with 5 of your friends…. let Paradigm help you get there in style. 

Health & Wellness

We don’t always take the best care of our bodies and minds. Sometimes we need someone to prod us along to get on the treadmill, take the right vitamins, and to talk about the stresses in our lives. Paradigm staff can’t do the reps for you, force the right diet down your throat or write a prescription for you. Paradigm can, however, arrange for everything from expert massage & spa services at premium spas throughout the globe or right in your own home. We can find a nutritionist, personal trainer, pediatrician, Thai Chi master, psychologist, optometrist, yogi, plastic surgeon in your area or leading experts in the desired field of therapy or medicine you require. 

Household Management

Running a household is a full time job. There are bills to pay, laundry to do, the house needs cleaning, the back door knob needs fixing. Fall has come and the leaves are beginning to scatter, the dog needs to be walked 4 times a day, each of the three kids have 3 different after-school activities to attend. The gutters need to be cleaned out, the oven needs replacement, and the master bedroom needs redecorating. Let Paradigm bring order to chaos and arrange for all of your household needs.

Referral & Vetting

Getting referrals to find the right person for the job, locating a good plumber, pool guy, contractor, determining who is the best doctor, dentist or psychologist can be a process. Paradigm is constantly assessing and evaluating various services, individuals, practices, and companies to find the best, most reliable, prompt, professional, and cost effective. We scrutinize each service provider with a ‘fine tooth-comb’ to ensure they are of the caliber and quality our clients would want and or recommend themselves. Give us the task of finding your next vendor or service provider and be assured of their character, quality and professionalism.

Research & Reconnaissance

You can’t be in two places at the same time. When you need to get something researched or investigated far away from your home or office, what do you do? Instead of getting on a plane yourself, let Paradigm assist you in expert research, reconnaissance and investigation. From basic background checks for new hires, to real estate appraisals in Costa Rica, Paradigm can be your “eyes and ears” or “advance man on the ground”.

Asset Acquisition & Purchases

Shopping should be easy, fun and accessible. That is not always the case. Waiting to purchase items in check out lines, unfriendly clerks, and unhelpful sales persons. These are the things that make day-to-day shopping intolerable. Finding the right item is not always about expense, rather ease and availability.


Can’t seem to find the latest iPod? Have you been calling around for a store that carries that must have item in stock in your spouse’s size? Are you still on the waiting list for the new Aston Martin? Are you sure that you are working with the right yacht broker? Don’t know which jet-share program to join? Paradigm works with personal shoppers from some of the world's premier stores, as well as having inside access to suppliers of fine goods and art. 

Property & Real Estate

Buying and selling a home can be an involved process. Paradigm offers assistance to not only buyers in search of the right broker, but also to individual sellers and broker agents requiring assistance with listed properties. Whether you need assistance in scheduling open houses, fly-ins to visit international properties, or simple replacement and stocking of listed property flyers, Paradigm can make buying or selling a home easier. 

Security & Insurance

According to Maslow, safety and security are basic needs. But to our clients, safety and security are paramount. Whether you are securing assets or personal well being, Paradigm will ensure you are protected. If you are in need of securing high dollar assets through organizations such as Lloyds of London or in need of Travel insurance; Paradigm can get you the right policy or put you in touch with the right agency. Be it medical evacuation assistance or personal and detail security; we can help keep you safe and get you out of harms way. With Paradigm you are protected. 

Development & Consulting

The world around us is evolving. We must evolve along with it. In order to stay on top of it all we watch the news, read the newspaper, pick up the latest book, subscribe to RSS feeds to feed ourselves information and become more knowledgeable about the world around us. But what if you could tap into that knowledge directly? What if you could talk face to face with the author of the book you just finished, meet the leading economist from last night’s CNN report, or ask Donald Trump about his latest venture? If your world is business, Paradigm can put you in the interviewer’s chair and across from industry moguls, business gurus and other leaders of our time. Whether you want to meet with a leading motivational speaker or consult with a personal life coach Paradigm can be your key to a better you.

Connections & Networking

It is said that it is not what you know but who you know. At Paradigm we believe that to be at least somewhat true. Paradigm's network is far reaching. We value and covet the connections we have. If you find yourself trying to get ‘in the door’ or to reach the right person and the stretch of your network’s arm is just not long enough; let Paradigm help you stretch that much further. Perhaps your network is far reaching but you don’t know the right person to approach or call. Let 'our people' be 'your people.'

VIP Access

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be on the infield at the Kentucky Derby. We have all watched the Academy Awards and imagined what it would be like to sit next to a nominee for Best Actor and watch them receive an award. How would you like to meet one of the icons of our age, whether it be in politics, finance, sports and or entertainment? These are not lofty dreams that are inaccessible. Rather, these are the perks that come from VIP Access. Extraordinary for some, but definitely not for all. From VIP access to celebrity meet and greets, backstage passes to premier experiences and events, let Paradigm treat you like a VIP.