Concierge Services

A Concierge is a multi-tasking, many faceted, ambidextrous, agile thinking,

proactive, never say no, never take no for an answer, facilitator, fixer, enabler.

The indispensable advice proffered by our professional Concierge can save an individual or organization time, money, and resources...taking the worry out of whatever needs you or your organization may have.

At Paradigm, we believe that there is something noble in serving others. We perform this role much out of the satisfaction that it provides; in helping others, in making others' wants and desires come true. Enabling our clients to reach their true potential, to meet their goals, attain their aspirations, and realize their dreams; these are inherent and fundamentally rooted in Paradigm's 'service mindset.'


Per Request

While Subscribers and Members receive 'dedicated Concierge services' with their Subscriptions and Memberships, Non-Members and Non-Subscribers may make individual requests of Paradigm...on a 'per request, fee basis.

The good news is you determine the price! 

Place a request by clicking the link below, determining the urgency of your need and selecting the time frame in which you would like your request attended to. Simply 'tip' the concierge and indicate your need in the comment section at check out.
*All requests will be attended to within 24-72 hours.

The more you tip, the faster your need will be addressed. 

Place a Request here. 


Subscription Services

Support services via Paradigm's professional concierge are available on an individual or group Subscription basis. Our Subscriptions are structured so that the more service you need, the more you save on an hourly basis. 

Think of our concierge staff as your 'go-to-guy or gal.'  Pose a question, delegate a task, make a request.  Our concierge will vet, route, delve, search and scour to ensure your needs are met, your questions answered and wants are realized.

Group Subscriptions benefit from group pricing and allow you to save even more per hour. Group Subscriptions make for a great employee benefit, helping those that work for you achieve work-life balance. Show them you care. 

What does a Concierge do?


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