Lifestyle Management

Success is a mindset often determined by achievements, accomplishments, and goals. To attain success, we often supplant our wants, hopes and desires believing that success will in turn fulfill those wishes. Now that you have 'arrived', isn't it time that you start rewarding yourself? Give yourself 'piece of mind', reward yourself with life experiences, pursue your hobbies and interests, take a vacation of a lifetime, seek balance in your life, find happiness within, or give yourself bragging rites.

Paradigm's Membership Services allow successful professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals to realize their dreams, to live a full life, to relax while exploring their passions, knowing that the details will be handled flawlessly.

Membership Levels:



Exclusive Membership is for those that desire the assurance of someone always being there when you need them and the personal care of a Dedicated Concierge to assist you in meeting your personal & professional goals, aspirations, and dreams.
Paradigm's Exclusive Membership includes member perks and benefits not offered to subscribers that enhance the service experience as well your lifestyle.


Live the luxe lifestyle and live life to its fullest. 

With a Luxe Membership you will have access to the inaccessible; access and privileges at the finest gyms, spas, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as the best hotels, villas, and private islands around the globe, often at a discounted or negotiated rate.  Access our calendar of events providing advanced information and insider knowledge on some of the most exciting happenings around the globe.  

Luxe Membership is for those that wish to enjoy what they have earned in life.


If you are living or have always wanted to live the 'jet-set' lifestyle, if you require nothing but the finest in life, if you have an affinity for opulence and luxury; our  Bespoke Membership is for you.
Bespoke Membership offers you entry into today's  most exclusive, exciting and sought after events, parties, happenings, premiers, shows and chance opportunities in fashion, sports, entertainment, and beyond.  Bespoke Membership also offers premier lifestyle experiences whether you are an aficionado with expensive tastes, an adrenaline junkie seeking the ultimate adventure, or an uber chic diva wanting a private shopping experience.
A Dedicated Account Manager customizes your membership to match your specific interests and tastes. Personalized services are tailored for the epicurean, the connoisseur, the aficionado, or the enthusiast. 

Extract the most out of life.