Leverage your life.

Paradigm Lifestyle Management offers lifestyle management and concierge services to both the public and private sector.

Paradigm is committed to helping individuals, businesses, and communities focus on personal or organizational goals & objectives and concentrate on what is most important...allowing individuals, employees, and residents to live life to its fullest.

We are an exclusive lifestyle enabler, a luxury personal assistant, providing the highest level of expertise and service to our clients.


Paradigm's core job proficiency is providing Concierge services to individuals, businesses, organizations and communities.

Whether you are an individual wanting to focus on family, an executive needing to streamline and grow the bottom line, a corporation wishing to hone core competencies, or a residential community desiring to present value added services to residents... Paradigm represents an arsenal of knowledge, connections, and creativity.  

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Success is a mindset often determined by achievements, accomplishments, and goals.  To attain success, we often supplant our wants, hopes and desires believing that success will in turn fulfill those wishes.  Now that you have 'arrived', isn't it time that you start rewarding yourself? 

Give yourself 'piece of mind', reward yourself with life experiences, pursue your hobbies and interests, take a vacation of a lifetime, seek balance in your life, find happiness within, or give yourself bragging rites.

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We are your Guy or Gal 'Friday'....your Jack (or Jane) all trades....

we are your Godfrey, your Figaro, your Winston, your Bernardo, your Jarvis, your Jeeves.



While Subscribers and Members receive 'dedicated Concierge services' with their Subscriptions and MembershipsNon-Members and Non-Subscribers may make individual requests of Paradigm...on a 'per request, fee basis.

The good news is you determine the price! 
Place a request by clicking the link below, determining the urgency of your need and selecting the time frame in which you would like your request attended to. 

Simply 'tip' the concierge and indicate your need in the comment section at check out.


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*All requests will be attended to within 24-72 hours.   

The more you tip, the faster your need will be addressed.